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Staking API

—Easy Staking Integration
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Deployable Staking Interfaces to Grow Your Business

Luganodes’ suite of APIs enable exchanges, custodians, wallets, VCs, and validators to easily add staking infrastructure to their platforms to speed up growth.


Staking interfaces


Wallet integration


In-app staking


User tracking



Overview of Luganodes Staking API

Our Staking API facilitates a full house of staking transactions, including deposit, withdrawal, staking, unstaking, restaking, and broadcasting, in addition to reward claiming and reporting. The end-to-end user management allows you to track all API requests by end customers in simple yet multifunctional interfaces.

Expand your staking community with Luganodes Staking API.

Why Integrate Staking API?


Accelerate your speed-to-market

An open staking API library that encompasses all major protocols to easily build staking workflows. In a few clicks, you will be able to meet all staking service needs and delight your clients in no time.


Boost your revenue

Staking API simplifies the staking process for you and your clients. We streamline the user experience to increase engagement, leading to higher revenue potential.


Reduce costs and resources

Automating the process of staking can reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of error. This can save money on operational costs and reduce the need for engineering resources.

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