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Luganodes Terminal

—Analyse Your Stake
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Track Rewards and Metrics with Transparency

Provide earnings and network analytics for our users and empower them with useful insights


Staking statistics


Portfolio distribution


Network statistics


Reward metrics

Staking is Rewarding

Luganodes Terminal is our staking analytics dashboard, engineered with custom indexers which were tailored for each chain giving users access to accurate on-chain data. It is our goal to provide users with actionable insights about their portfolio performance.

Unified Staking Analytics Platform


Monitor Multiple Assets

Track through a single user interface rather than shifting from one platform to another.



Gain real-time insights into your whole staking portfolio and see performance charts.


Custom Staking Theme

Toggle between light or dark modes to browse through your portfolio as you see fit.


Help Centre

Learn how to navigate within the dashboard, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions.


Asset Management

View balances, history of transactions, and pending rewards from your bespoke account.


Professional Charts

Explore and analyze assets with integrated technical analysis and calendar tools.

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