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About Luganodes

Luganodes is a AAA rated institutional-grade staking service provider and one of the top leaders in staking volume. Globally, Luganodes’s client base stakes digital assets across 45+ PoS live networks with 99.99% uptime. It is one of the top validator on the Polygon network and the super representative on the Tron network.

With Luganodes, enterprises and individuals can take part in validating blockchain transactions and earning staking rewards. We embark on our sophisticated services for corporate clients and individual stakers.

Our Tech


Resilient and Robust

Resilient and Robust

High availability

Robust Monitoring

Tier IV centres

Speed of Execution

Speed of Execution

Launch >1 network in 4 weeks

Tailored white-labeled solution

Wide PoS asset coverage

Safe and Transparent

Safe and Transparent

Highly secure architecture

Underway ISO27001 audits

Real-time dashboards

Responsible and Compliant

Responsible and Compliant

Working towards carbon neutrality

Proactive engagement of external

counsel on local regulations



The Luganodes team consists of distinctive individuals with deep technical

knowledge and passion for the decentralised infrastructure space

Anuj's Photo

Anuj Shankar


Ex-McKinsey and Company
Ex-Microsoft, Software Engineer

Build and led Cloud/Platform Engineering teams from scratch for multiple startups in Southeast Asia via Leap by McKinsey engagements. Passionate Software Engineer.

Subash's Photo

Subash SN

Technical Advisor

Ex-Appsecco, Security Engineer
Openw3b.org, Founder

Expert on Decentralised Blockchain Infrastructure. Built world-class Site Reliability Engineering teams. Security ninja. Trainer/Speaker at BlackHat USA, Nullcon Berlin.

We're Hiring

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.

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