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Leading institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure providers

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To provide leading blockchain infrastructure for Proof of Stake (PoS) networks and to build a thriving web3 ecosystem.
We offer a secure, always on blockchain infrastructure.
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Our services are designed to ensure high efficiency in staking operations by taking away the technical challenges involved in running, managing, and maintaining validator nodes. Our close association with various infrastructure providers ensures high availability, robust security, and efficient operations.

How it works ?
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~700m USD
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Proof-of-Stake consensus based blockchains have validators instead of miners. Validators are responsible for proposing, verifying transactions, and adding new blocks to the blockchain. We take away the operational and technical challenges for institutional clients to run, manage, and maintain validator nodes in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.
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Why Luganodes?
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Geographically Distributed
Luganodes servers are distributed across the globe, ensuring very high uptime.
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Best-in-class Security
Leading industry security practices are followed for the highest level of safety while staking.
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Dedicated in-house technical experts
Luganodes robust team of experts runs complex blockchain infrastructure with ease.
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Non-Custodial Staking
Ownership of the funds belongs to you. They can safely be withdrawn after the unbonding period.


The Luganodes team consists of distinctive individuals with deep technical knowledge and passion for the decentralised infrastructure space.

Anuj Shankar
Previously: McKinsey and Company, Microsoft

Anuj Shankar is the CEO of Luganodes. He comes with an ocean of knowledge and expertise, having built and led Cloud/Platform Engineering teams from scratch for multiple startups in Southeast Asia. His passion lies in Digital Business Building, Cyber Security, and Software Engineering.

Subash SN
Previously: Appsecco

Subash SN, CTO at Luganodes, is an expert on Decentralized Blockchain Infrastructure. He has built multiple world-class Site Reliability Engineering teams. He is the founder of and has also trained/spoken at BlackHatUSA, Nullcon Berlin, etc.

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Reach out to us with any questions about our institutional-grade services. We help institutional clients navigate through staking and web3 ecosystem.
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Join our rocketship to explore the blockchain infrastructure space in-depth. Work with cutting-edge blockchain technology and help in securing and scaling networks.
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