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How to Run Your Aethir Checker Nodes via Luganodes NaaS

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11 June, 2024

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. About Aethir
  3. What is a Checker Node?
  4. Run Aethir Nodes with one click using Luganodes NaaS
  5. Step-by-Step Guide
  6. Extra Information


After the Aethir Node Sale season, there is much to look forward to. Aethir is pioneering global decentralized computation in a unique manner. By buying Aethir nodes, users can now support this venture while also creating a passive revenue opportunity. In this article, we provide information on the tech know-how on how to run an Aethir node, and how you can achieve stellar results with Luganodes NaaS.

About Aethir

Aethir is an enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider. Its decentralized cloud computing infrastructure allows GPU providers (containers) to meet enterprise clients who need powerful H100 chips for professional AI/ML tasks. Aethir also supports cloud gaming clients with virtual computing phones and GPUs, partnering with the world’s largest telecommunication companies. Everything within the Aethir ecosystem is decentralized and community-owned.

This all starts with an Aethir Node Sale, where users purchase checker node licenses. These licenses enable users to act as validators, ensuring the integrity and Quality of Service (QoS) of the network. This creates a secure, decentralized computation provider for all. Learn more about the Aethir ecosystem here.

What is a Checker Node?

A Checker Node is one of the three fundamental components of the Aethir Network backend infrastructure:

  • Containers: Execute and render applications, ensuring a "zero lag" experience by offloading workloads from local devices.

  • Checkers: Ensure the integrity and performance of Containers, maintaining the network's Quality of Service (QoS).

  • Indexers: Match consumers with suitable Containers, ensuring swift launches of cloud-based apps and services.

How Do Checker Nodes Work?

Checker nodes ensure the integrity and service quality of the Aethir network by verifying the Container and its service processes. This includes checking parameters such as liveness, capacity, and Quality of Service (QoS) through methods like heartbeat collection, benchmark testing, and link data analysis. After completing a task, a Checker Node signs the results with its private key and delivers them to the Referee. Nodes that deliver the same result as the majority are rewarded in tokens.

What is the Checker Node License (NFT)?

The Checker Node License, an ERC721 NFT, allows you to earn rewards by running a Checker Node Client. You can run your Checker Node Client on your own machine, through a VPS, via NaaS, or delegate it to another user's machine.

Run Aethir Nodes with one click using Luganodes NaaS

As an official Node-as-a-Service partner for Aethir, we are excited to launch Luganodes NaaS for one-click, hassle-free node deployment and management. This enables everyone to run an Aethir node effortlessly. Powered by Luganodes' enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, NaaS ensures 99.9% uptime and dedicated 24/7 support. Leveraging Luganodes can help you create a passive income without worrying about performance or other Aethir node requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Head over to the Luganodes NaaS Console (Now Live).

image (153).png

  1. Select Aethir, read the terms of service, and connect the wallet holding your Checker Nodes license.


  1. Choose your checker license, select your plan, and pay for the subscription. (For 50+ nodes, contact us directly at [email protected] for enterprise pricing and dedicated support).

image (154).png

  1. Once you’ve successfully made the payment and selected the right plan, your machine will be approved. Head to the dashboard to delegate and run your nodes with Luganodes NaaS.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.27.26 PM.png

  1. Select the license you want to delegate and click on "Delegate".

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.28.41 PM.png

  1. Make sure you have copied the correct address. You can always come back to this screen to copy the address if needed. Click "Continue" to proceed to a guided page on aethir.com to confirm your delegation.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.29.00 PM.png

  1. Connect the wallet you used in the previous steps, the one holding your Checker license.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.29.44 PM.png

  1. Click on "Delegate" and enter the public key you copied earlier to proceed to delegate on your Aethir Dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 1.29.25 PM.png

  1. Check Your Node Status: Within a few seconds, your nodes should be up and running. You can check the status on both the Luganodes NaaS Dashboard and the Aethir Dashboard.

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Extra Information

Competitive Pricing: For enterprise clients with more than 50 nodes, contact us at [email protected] or share your Telegram for enterprise pricing and dedicated support throughout the process.

Note: This is a testnet simulation environment to familiarize you with the overall process. Once the nodes go live on the mainnet, you will be able to deploy your mainnet nodes seamlessly with a single click. Our service will be up and running by June 12th, coinciding with the mainnet launch. Aethir Node holders can start delegating and running their nodes during this grace period, which extends until June 27th. During this period, everyone will earn rewards as if they’re online and operating from June 12th.

Have questions? Make sure to check out our NaaS FAQ page.

Join our Telegram support channel and follow us on Twitter @luganodes_naas for further support and updates.

About Luganodes

Luganodes is a world-class, Swiss-operated, non-custodial blockchain infrastructure provider that has rapidly gained recognition in the industry for offering institutional-grade services. It was born out of the Lugano Plan B Program, an initiative driven by Tether and the City of Lugano. Luganodes maintains an exceptional 99.9% uptime with round-the-clock monitoring by SRE experts. With support for 45+ PoS networks, it ranks among the top validators on Polygon, Polkadot, Sui, and Tron. Luganodes prioritizes security and compliance, holding the distinction of being one of the first staking providers to adhere to all SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards as well as offering Chainproof insurance to institutional clients.

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