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Staking MATIC Tokens via Fireblocks: A Comprehensive Guide

Polygon Staking Guide - Fireblocks

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24 June, 2024


Staking your MATIC tokens through Fireblocks involves a few critical steps to ensure security and efficiency. Follow this guide carefully to successfully stake your MATIC tokens.


Before you begin, ensure the following:

  1. Set up your Fireblocks Console: Log into your Fireblocks console on your laptop and make sure to top up your account with enough $ETH and $MATIC tokens.

  2. Fireblocks Mobile App: Properly set up the Fireblocks mobile app on your mobile device. This app is necessary for confirming and verifying all transactions, similar to using a Ledger hardware device.

  3. Sufficient ETH: Ensure you have enough ETH available on the Ethereum mainnet to cover gas fees. MATIC staking is conducted on the Ethereum mainnet to leverage Ethereum's security and because Polygon was originally built as a scaling solution on top of Ethereum.

  4. Whitelist the MATIC Staking Contract Address: Fireblocks has stringent security measures, including blocking transactions that do not comply with the Transaction Authorization Policy (TAP). You will need to whitelist the MATIC staking contract address to proceed with staking.

Staking Steps

Step 1: Whitelisting the Matic Staking Contract -

  1. Log into your Fireblocks web console .

  2. Select “Whitelisted Addresses” from the left sidebar.


  1. Click on “Create Wallet”.


  1. Select the type as “Contract” and add the wallet name.


  1. Add the address.


  1. Select Ethereum as the network (as Polygon staking is done on the Ethereum network).


  1. Add the Polygon Staking contract address: 0xa6e768fef2d1af36c0cfdb276422e7881a83e951.


  1. Wait for approval from your Fireblocks console admin for the whitelisted address.


Step 2: Access the

  1. Navigate to the official Polygon Staking Dashboard and click on "Login" to initiate the login process.


  1. Select Wallet Connect to scan the QR code.


  1. A scanner will appear on your screen. Use your Fireblocks mobile app to scan the QR code.


Step 3: Connect with Fireblocks Mobile App

  1. Open your Fireblocks mobile app and click on the scanner option on the top right corner.

  2. Scan the QR code from the Polygon Dashboard.

  3. You will see your app is establishing a connection; please wait a few seconds.

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  1. It will ask you to link your Fireblocks Vault. Select the vault that holds your assets to stake and to cover gas fees.

  2. Click on "Connect".

  3. You have successfully connected your Fireblocks Vault to the Polygon staking dashboard.

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Step 4: Select Validator and Delegate MATIC

  1. Head back to the Polygon dashboard and navigate to the "Validators" section.


  1. Look for "Luganodes" and click on "Delegate".


  1. Enter the amount of MATIC you want to stake and click "Continue".


  1. Review the transaction fee (ensure you have enough ETH to cover the transaction fee) and click on "Delegate".


Step 5: Approve the transaction on the Fireblocks Mobile App

  1. Head over to the Fireblocks mobile app, and you should see a new “Buy Voucher” which says “Requested by you”. Click on "View" to check more details.

  2. Review and verify the transaction details and click on "Approve".

  3. Enter your PIN.

  4. As a final step of verification, approve using your face or any other authenticator you’ve set up on your mobile app.

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Step 6: Check Transaction Status

  1. Return to your Fireblocks web console and check the status of your transaction by from the “Recent Activity” tab on the top right corner


  1. You can check the status of your latest transactions and other activities on fireblocks here


  1. After a few minutes, your transaction should be confirmed.


Step 7: Verify & Manage your Stake on Polygon Staking Dashboard

  1. After approving your transaction from the fireblocks mobile app, you can check the delegation status for the Polygon Staking Dashboard

  1. Go to your account on the Polygon staking dashboard to check the details of your delegation

  1. You can now manage your staked MATIC, including re-delegating or undelegating, from your account on the Polygon staking dashboard.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully stake your MATIC tokens via Fireblocks. Always ensure you are taking the necessary security precautions and feel free to reachout to us for any further queries at [email protected].

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