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Luganodes - SOC2 Type II, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001 Compliant

As always, dedicated to security and safety

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14 Sep, 2023


We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Luganodes, as we have successfully obtained three major certifications: SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 compliance. These achievements mark our unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest data security and privacy standards for our valued clients and partners.

Setting the Standard for Data Security

In today's digital age, the protection of sensitive data is paramount. And even more so, when it comes to cryptocurrency staking. As a company dedicated to delivering institutional-grade staking services, we understand the critical role that data security plays in maintaining trust and confidence. The attainment of these three certifications is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding data at every level of our organisation.

Understanding the Certifications

  1. SOC2 Type II Compliance: The System and Organization Controls (SOC2) Type II certification represents our commitment to maintaining robust internal controls over security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

The primary purpose of SOC 2 is to ensure that third-party service providers store and process client data in a secure manner. It is the most comprehensive certification within the SOC protocol. In our case, an individual service auditor was provided concise information about our operations, services, and control environment. After careful consideration and scrutiny of our work, we were certified as compliant.

  1. GDPR Compliance: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certification demonstrates our dedication to protecting the privacy and rights of individuals' data within the European Union and beyond. We have implemented stringent data protection measures, ensuring that personal data is processed transparently and securely.

In our assessment process, our management was interviewed, our assets reviewed and our organisation’s implementation of GDPR principles was actively studied. We were deemed to have “adequately designed controls” to meet the GDPR requirements.

  1. ISO 27001 Certification: ISO/IEC 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. Our certification attests that we have established a comprehensive framework to identify, manage, and reduce risks to the security of information. This commitment extends to the data we handle and process.

The ISO/IEC 27001 is essential in preventing ever-increasing cyber-crime. Our organisation was assessed and it was clear that we have in place a system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company, conforming to the best practices and principles enshrined in this international standard.

An information security management system implemented according to ISO/IEC 27001 is a tool for risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellence. -iso.org

Benefits for Our Clients and Partners

These certifications are not just symbols of our commitment but also offer tangible benefits to our clients and partners:

  • Enhanced Data Security: Our rigorous compliance measures ensure that your data is safe and protected, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

  • Regulatory Compliance: By choosing Luganodes, you are partnering with a company that takes data protection regulations seriously, reducing your own compliance risks.

  • Trust and Confidence: Our certifications demonstrate our dedication to ethical and secure data practices, reinforcing the trust you place in staking with us.

  • Competitive Advantage: We have invested significantly in achieving these certifications to stay at the forefront of data security, making us a preferred staking provider.

Continuing the Journey

While achieving SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 compliance is a significant milestone, our journey in ensuring data security and privacy is ongoing. We remain dedicated to continually improving our systems, processes, and security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats and regulatory changes. We shall continue to go above and beyond to provide secure, well-trusted, world-class staking services which you can rely on. We thank you for your continued support.

Partner with Luganodes

We partner with major players such as Polygon, CoinList and Bitfinex, providing them with institutional-grade Web3 infrastructure. Your company too can benefit from our secure staking services. As a fast-growing company, we are always stoked to find more partners and foster long-lasting relationships. If what we do strikes a chord with you, contact us using our website.

Stake with us

Interested in staking? If you hold some tokens you can combine deflationary supply with staking to skyrocket your portfolio. Leverage Luganodes’ institutional-grade infrastructure to stake your holdings and create a passive income. Staking with us ensures ease of use, support, and safety while you earn and contribute to the security of your favourite PoS chains. You can learn more about staking on our website, and feel free to contact us for any queries!

About Luganodes

Luganodes is a world-class, Swiss-operated, non-custodial blockchain infrastructure provider that has rapidly gained recognition in the industry for offering institutional-grade services. It was born out of the Lugano Plan B Program, an initiative driven by Tether and the City of Lugano. Luganodes maintains an exceptional 99.9% uptime with round-the-clock monitoring by SRE experts. With support for 40+ PoS networks, it ranks among the top validators on Polygon, Polkadot, Sui, and Tron. Luganodes prioritizes security and compliance, holding the distinction of being one of the first staking providers to adhere to all SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards as well as offering Chainproof insurance to institutional clients.

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