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Ronin — How to Stake $RON Tokens with Luganodes

Ronin Staking and Re-staking Guide

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17 Apr, 2023


Ronin is an EVM-based sidechain created specifically for blockchain gaming by Sky Mavis — the company behind the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity. If you're here for information on the chain, we recommned you read our detailed blog - Exploring the Ronin Blockchain.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to delegate your RON tokens with Luganodes and start earning rewards in a few simple steps. We have also included a Ronin Re-staking guide aswell.

Validator Details:

Validator Name: Luganodes

Validator Address/ ID: 0x6aaabf51c5f6d2d93212cf7dad73d67afa0148d0

Blockchain Explorer Link for the Validator: https://app.roninchain.com/validator/ronin:6aaabf51c5f6d2d93212cf7dad73d67afa0148d0

Unbonding Period:

  • Unbonding period is a timeframe in which the funds are locked when you unstake
  • There is no unbonding period on Ronin, You can withdraw your stake at any time and without penalties as long as three days have passed since you last staked in to this validator.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1 — Set up your Ronin Wallet

  • Download the Ronin Wallet extension for Chrome from here and set up your wallet


Step 2— Go to Ron Staking

  • Head over to RON Staking dashboard and connect your Ronin wallet


Step 3— Select Luganodes

  • Switch to All Validators


  • Head over to the Today’s Validators section


  • Look for Luganodes and Click on Delegate


Step 4— Confirm transaction

  • Enter the amount of $RON tokens you want to delegate and click on delegate


  • Confirm the transaction


  • Wait for the transaction to go through and you have successfully delegated your $RON tokens with Luganodes


  • You can check your delegations under the My Staking section


Step-by-Step Restaking Guide:

In the video below, we will show you how you can restake your RONIN Claimable Rewards.

Step 1 — Head over to the My Staking tab of the RON Staking Dashboard.


Step 2 — Under My Staking head over to the Claimable Rewards section click on the Restake button.


Step 3 — Select Luganodes as your Validator

  • Click on the Validators drop down box


  • Search for Luganodes as your preferred validator and click


  • Once selected click on Restake

Ronin_Restaking_5.png Step 4 — Confirm your transaction


Step 5 — Wait for your transaction to finish processing

  • Once the transaction is complete you will receive a confirmation message.


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