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Connecting the Two Realms: Kava

Facilitating an ambitious crossover!

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16 Nov, 2023


Cosmos Ecosystem is one of the most influential developments in the blockchain space, and one of its earliest adopters is Kava. As a pioneering Cosmos Layer-1, Kava has made strides in the space and has embraced blockchain interoperability via Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). Kava has also gone one step ahead by adopting a one-chain two-network model—effectively becoming a bridge between the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. By virtue of its numerous innovations and unique value propositions, Kava has attracted numerous institutions and applications, with Tether (USD₮) being one of its most renowned partners.

Timeline of Kava

Kava's journey is a testament to its constant evolution. The chain's inception in 2019, built on the Cosmos chain, marked the beginning of its DeFi journey with Kava Mint, Kava Lend, and Kava Swap. In late 2021, the platform embarked on a transformative path by developing the EVM-compatible Kava Chain, bridging the worlds of Cosmos' interoperability and Ethereum's developer capabilities.

January 2022 witnessed a major milestone as the Kava 9 Mainnet upgrade introduced Cosmos IBC, establishing connections with the broader Cosmos ecosystem. The momentum continued in May 2022 with the Kava 10 software upgrade, enabling seamless deployment for EVM dApps on the Kava EVM Chain.

The most recent leap, in July 2023, with the Kava 14 upgrade, was where Kava stepped up its game. The introduction of an internal bridge opened the door to the secure conversion of ERC-20 tokens on the Kava EVM to IBC-20 tokens on Kava's IBC app chain. This groundbreaking innovation paved the way for Tether to issue USD₮ natively on the Kava Chain, positioning Kava as the hub for native USD₮ on the Cosmos network.

The Co-Chain Architecture: The Heart of Kava

The Two-chain approach is at the core of what makes the Kava Network stand out in the world of blockchain technology.

  1. Two Hemispheres, One Brain - imagine the Kava Network as a single, unified brain with two distinct hemispheres: the Ethereum Co-Chain and the Cosmos Co-Chain. Each hemisphere represents a different execution environment optimised for specific ecosystems.

    • Ethereum Co-Chain: This is where Ethereum developers and their Solidity-based decentralised applications (DApps) find their home within the Kava Network. The Ethereum Co-Chain is designed to provide these developers with a familiar and compatible environment while benefiting from the scalability and security features that Kava offers.

    • Cosmos Co-Chain: The Cosmos Co-Chain, on the other hand, is a highly scalable and secure Cosmos SDK blockchain. It's tailored for developers and projects that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem, which includes a vast network of independent blockchains. This Co-Chain acts as a bridge between Kava and the multitude of chains within the Cosmos ecosystem, thanks to the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, facilitating interoperability and the exchange of assets.

  2. The Translator Module: Connecting these two distinct execution environments within the Kava Network is the Translator Module. This critical component acts as an intermediary, allowing the Ethereum Co-Chain and the Cosmos Co-Chain to work together seamlessly at scale. It ensures that assets and data can be efficiently transferred between the two hemispheres, creating a harmonious and functional whole.

  3. Uniting the Best of Both Worlds: The brilliance of Kava's Co-Chain architecture lies in its ability to package two of the most widely used execution environments within a single network. Ethereum and Cosmos come together via this robust Layer-1 architecture, and in doing so, they enrich each other with their unique strengths. Ethereum brings its well-established developer community and DApps, while Cosmos contributes its scalable and secure blockchain technology, enabled by the IBC protocol.

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This flexibility not only fosters innovation but also offers a powerful solution to the persistent issue of blockchain interoperability, where different networks often struggle to communicate and share assets.

More for the Devs

Kava's core mission is to empower developers to pioneer Web3 and next-gen blockchain innovations. This is achieved through:

  1. Flexibility and Choice: Kava's Ethereum and Cosmos Co-Chains provide developers with the freedom to choose their preferred environment, be it Ethereum or Cosmos. This flexibility is the foundation for innovation, with seamless access to users and assets.

  2. Scalability: The Kava Network's innovative design ensures smooth user, asset, and project flow between Kava and other ecosystems. Its scalability is backed by the high-speed Tendermint Core consensus engine, delivering a seamless experience for all participants.

  3. Developer Rewards: Kava not only empowers developers but also rewards them. On-chain incentive programs recognise and incentivise top builders from both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, catalysing the Kava Network's growth.

USD₮ Impact

The Kava 13 Mainnet update introduced substantial improvements, bolstering security, scalability, and functionality. Tailing this upgrade was this remarkable event, in which Tether selected Kava to deploy Native USD₮ for the Cosmos ecosystem.

In the words of Paulo Ardoino, the world’s first, most stable, most trusted, and most widely used stablecoin, USD₮, was launched on Kava. This partnership came as a result of Kava’s stellar track record with no security concerns in the last four years. Users can now access a trusted financial environment seamlessly on the Kava platform, making this platform all the more important.

This Native stablecoin issuance brought about a domino effect with many people utilising the same. The flagship DEX of Cosmos - Osmosis actively involved itself in bringing native USD₮ liquidity into the Cosmos ecosystem. Kava Rise, a Cosmos USD₮ program incentivising Cosmos chains with the top USD₮ IBC deposits.

Following Osmosis, Injective became the second tier-1 Cosmos protocol to adopt natively issued USD₮ from Kava. A major player, incubated by Binance and with backing from investors such as Mark Cuban - Injective selected Kava Native USD₮ for Perpetual trading. In this way, it led to further simplification of the process and created an effective means for ensuring stablecoin liquidity transfer between the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.

Furthermore, Kinetix, a DeFi platform offering a perpetual exchange, DEX and yield farming on Cosmos, formed a symbiotic relationship with Kava. By seamlessly integrating with the KAVA USD₮ stablecoin, Kinetix allows its users to engage in trading and minting USD₮ directly on the Cosmos blockchain.


It would be tough to get to a conclusion if we attempted to mention all the various DApps and projects making up the Kava ecosystem. With a TVL of $231 million at the time of writing, native USD₮, and a flurry of incentives and announcements, Kava’s team keeps pushing to new heights. Kava has immense potential, not only in its own success but also in bringing more attention towards the Cosmos ecosystem and its quest towards complete interoperability. Certainly, a unique case to watch, something we will continue to monitor.

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