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Joining the Modular Frontier: Luganodes Powers Up on Celestia

Modularise Web3!

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11 Feb, 2024

Luganodes is live on the Celestia testnet and will be available as a Mainnet validator starting 15th February 2024.


Over the years the entire tech industry has had a push towards modularity. Modularity is a simple solution that addresses the need for flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, and is reshaping everything from computing hardware to software development. And the blockchain world is no different, since we now have Celestia - the first modular blockchain network. The modular data availability network, Celestia is highly scalable and customisable, allowing anyone to frame their own blockchain network.

Monolithic vs Modular

The traditional blockchain architecture typically bundles data availability, consensus, and execution into a single, intertwined system. While secure, this can lead to inefficiencies and scalability issues. The modular approach, by separating these functions, allows for more targeted scaling and development strategies, potentially overcoming the limitations of older blockchain designs and paving the way for more innovative and adaptable applications.

In a modular format, the Users can pick their own programming language for the execution layer, choose their own Data Availability and Consensus Layer (like Celestia), and finally select a Settlement layer, such as Ethereum or choose to be self-sovereign.

Blockchain Modularity hence brings about

  • Customization: Users can design their own blockchain by selecting programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and settlement layers.

  • Specialization: Modular architecture enables validators to focus on specific tasks, optimizing performance.

  • Scalability: By distributing responsibilities across specialized layers, modular blockchains can scale more efficiently than their monolithic counterparts.


Understanding the building blocks of a modular blockchain allows us to see Celestia's crucial role in this "Lego project" of blockchain innovation. Celestia offers a minimal, modular Data Availability Layer, and a pluggable consensus layer. This setup empowers developers to build their own execution layer on top, offering applications built on Celestia enhanced customizability and autonomy.

This progression in blockchain technology mirrors the historical evolution of web infrastructure. Just as the internet moved from individual servers to virtual machines in shared environments, enhancing scalability and efficiency, the blockchain domain is witnessing a similar transition. Decentralized applications (dApps) are shifting from isolated execution chains towards a shared consensus framework. Such flexibility marks a significant departure from the constraints of traditional blockchain models, positioning Celestia as a key enabler of tailored blockchain solutions.

Celestia is also designed to efficiently scale as the network grows, ensuring that its ability to process and store data expands in line with user demand without sacrificing security or performance. It actively supports scalability through optimization for rollups—scalability solutions that manage state execution off-chain but depend on the underlying chain for consensus and data availability. For a deeper understanding of rollups, consider reading our detailed ZK-Rollups explained article. Celestia facilitates both optimistic and zero-knowledge rollups by ensuring the data needed for these technologies is readily available, allowing them to operate effectively.

Luganodes on Celestia

As a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure and staking services, Luganodes is thrilled by the advancements Celestia brings to the sector. Luganodes already supports over 30 chains, each with its unique value proposition, and we are excited to announce the addition of Celestia to our portfolio. As of this writing, we have initiated our operations on the testnet, with plans to launch on the mainnet by February 15, 2024.

We will be accepting delegations for the TIA token and eagerly anticipate welcoming new users. Our collaboration with Celestia marks a significant step towards embracing the modular revolution, and we look forward to fostering this partnership, driving innovation and accessibility in the web3 ecosystem together.

About Luganodes

Luganodes is a world-class, Swiss-operated, non-custodial blockchain infrastructure provider that has rapidly gained recognition in the industry for offering institutional-grade services. It was born out of the Lugano Plan B Program, an initiative driven by Tether and the City of Lugano. Luganodes maintains an exceptional 99.9% uptime with round-the-clock monitoring by SRE experts. With support for 40+ PoS networks, it ranks among the top validators on Polygon, Polkadot, Sui, and Tron. Luganodes prioritizes security and compliance, holding the distinction of being one of the first staking providers to adhere to all SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards as well as offering Chainproof insurance to institutional clients.

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