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Cosmos — How to Stake $ATOM Tokens with Luganodes

How to Stake $ATOM Tokens with Luganodes

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6 Oct, 2022


Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus.

The Cosmos Hub, a proof-of-stake blockchain, is powered by its native ATOM cryptocurrency.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to delegate your ATOM tokens with Luganodes and start earning ~17.49%, in a few simple steps.

Validator Details:

Validator Name: Luganodes

**Operator Address: **cosmosvaloper1m902jrk0pn4yc47zfvauqwvtq0e03nen5xgzte

Blockexplorer Link: https://www.mintscan.io/cosmos/validators/cosmosvaloper1m902jrk0pn4yc47zfvauqwvtq0e03nen5xgzte

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1 — Set up a cosmos compatible wallet with some funds available in it


Step 2— Set up your wallet

  • Log into your wallet and select Cosmos Hub under chains


  • This will take you to your active Cosmos wallet and, under assets, click on “Stake”


Step 3— Search for Luganodes under “Inactive Validators” page


  • Click on “Manage” next to Luganodes and Luganodes validator pop-up window will be displayed


  • Click on "Delegate"


Step 3 — Set Your Delegation Amount

  • Enter the amount of ATOM you want to stake in the Amount to Delegate field
  • Click the “Delegate" button


Step 4 — Approve the Transaction

  • Click the “Approve” button to delegate your $ATOM with Luganodes


  • Now you have successfully delegated your $ATOM with Luganodes

Step-by-Step Unstaking Guide:

Step 1 — Head over to the staking section in your Kepler Wallet Dashboard

  • You’ll see a list of My Validator, click on “Manage”


Step 2— Start your undelegating process

  • Click on Undelegate


  • Enter the amount and undelegate


Step 3— Confirm undelegation

  • Click on Approve


  • Wait for a few seconds for the transaction to go through


Step 4 — Withdraw your tokens after the unbonding period (21 days)

  • Process of undelegation has began and you’ll be able to withdraw your $ATOM after the unbending period (21 days)


About Luganodes

Luganodes is a world-class, Swiss-operated, non-custodial blockchain infrastructure provider that has rapidly gained recognition in the industry for offering institutional-grade services. It was born out of the Lugano Plan B Program, an initiative driven by Tether and the City of Lugano. Luganodes maintains an exceptional 99.9% uptime with round-the-clock monitoring by SRE experts. With support for 40+ PoS networks, it ranks among the top validators on Polygon, Polkadot, Sui, and Tron. Luganodes prioritizes security and compliance, holding the distinction of being one of the first staking providers to adhere to all SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards as well as offering Chainproof insurance to institutional clients.

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